Following the Heavy Flooding of July 2007...

On the 3rd August I launched at Bredon with Tim Kelly aboard.

The aftermath of the flooding was soon obvious, I know this must have been devastating for those involved but some of the sights were not unfunny.

This weekend caravan in charming location, just a very short walk from the beautiful river Avon.
Very reasonable rates.

Hope they remembered to lock it!

"Sorry sir, but you can't park that boat there, it's a public right of way"
(it's stuck on the footbridge over Strensham Sluice)

This upside-down boat was brand new on the river this summer, the owner (I'd guess newly retired) always wanted to chatter and tell us about all the fish he'd seen on his sonar. Hope he's not too distressed to see his pride and joy in such a predicament.

Waiting for the tide to come back in? (there were loads more)

No small job getting this one afloat again.

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

Er, no. It's boat that has somehow got stuck on top of its 3 mooring poles. Surreal!

It's an ill wind....

Someone's going to do pretty well out of it all!