Please note that opportunities for guiding or coaching trips are limited.

Guided Lure Fishing Trips

I have been lure fishing from a boat on the river Severn and Warwickshire Avon regularly since 2001, I know both rivers very well and I am confident that I can catch fish, and show others how to catch fish in almost any conditions. I can tailor trips to suit anglers of all abilities, including absolute beginners, even those who have never held a rod before. Guide clients can use my tackle or their own, and losses or damage to my tackle are at my expense.
Trips can be species-specific or catch-anything, single method or whatever works best on the day, they can be simply aimed at catching some fish, or at learning certain techniques.
I generally do not fish much on most trips, except for demonstrating techniques or when I need to prove that fish are present - because nobody pays to watch me catching fish. I prefer to concentrate on helping clients by watching carefully and making sure that they are doing exactly what is required with the lures.
I hold a Level 2 Angling Coach licence, which means you are properly insured and that I maintain professional standards in my coaching and client care.
There are times on either river when conditions are so bad with high levels or heavily-coloured water - that I wouldn't be fishing myself, I will not take clients out when I know the chances of success are very low: with both rivers being subject to sharp rises in levels or suspended silt due to rainfall, I will rearrange any trips that coincide with such hopeless conditions.
I work very hard to make sure that clients get their fish, and learn how to use lures effectively, some of the techniques I use are rather unorthodox and seem to surprise many clients, but they work. All that I ask from my clients is that they trust me, listen to what I say and let me help them to success.

You can follow my guiding, coaching and fishing adventures, and see lots of photos of happy clients (with their not-so-happy fish) on my Facebook page.

The Severn is a demanding river for the lure angler: varying levels, flows and clarity turn it into a completely different river in no time at all. The river bed is complex with many shelves and drop-offs: a blend of gravel, clay and sandstone, with a lot of sunken branches and trees. I explain what the sonar is showing me, and show how to retrieve snagged lures from all these sunken trees - through the entire 2014-15 season I only lost a handful of jigs and a couple of crankbaits, there is a knack! Clients also get an insight into how the varying conditions affect the fishes' behaviour and location: no-one can learn it all in a day (or a decade for that matter) but getting the right start is a massive help.
The Avon is less complex, but conditions still vary immensely through the season, affecting the choice of species and tactics.

A full day will be a minimum of 8 hours, a half-day a minimum of 4 hours. Half-days are only available for the river Severn, Monday to Friday. Full day start times to suit client, half-days by agreement. I do not guide every day, so that trips are spread out and the fish are not over-pressurised, therefore my availability is limited.

Full day, one angler: 180
Full day, two anglers: 220
Half day, one angler: 100
Half day, two anglers: 120

Coaching Sessions

As well as guiding I offer short coaching sessions, fishing from the bank. These are technical sessions, where the focus will be on understanding how different lures can be used to deal with a variety of conditions encountered when fishing from the bank. These sessions will be based around either pike or perch, or perhaps a bit of both, fishing the margins and weedbeds. These sessions are quite intensive and detailed, and there will be a lot to take in, so will be of 4 hours's duration only. The emphasis will not be on catching fish on the day - although I always expect to catch some fish - but on getting my clients to present a variety of lures effectively and get the most from different swims.

To enable me to demonstrate and coach properly I do require reasonably good water conditions, with some clarity, so the bank sessions are only available when the water clarity is reasonable and the rivers are low. While the longer summer daylight is with us, these sessions could be arranged either very early in the morning (before the boat traffic starts), or late afternoon until dusk (to fit around a working day). I can often do these sessions at fairly short notice, because they do not require as much preparation as the boat guiding trips.

4 Hours, One angler: 75 plus the cost of your day ticket.

If you would like more than one session, so that I can check your progress and refresh your memory, I do offer a discount on subsequent sessions if booked within 7 days of the first one.

Payments can be made in cash on the day or via Paypal in advance, 20 deposit required at booking.

Clients are responsible for their own food and drink, and weather-sensible clothing, I will remind them about this when they make the booking and immediately before the trip.

If you want to book a trip or find out more, please email me and I will answer all your questions, if you would prefer me to call you please include your phone number.