Lure Information

Plug performance guide: Rapala Tail Dancer TD9

Rapala Taildancer
Body length 9cm
Weight 3/8oz
Rattle? Yes
Material Balsa
Working depth 4ft cast, 10ft+ trolled
Designed originally by Rapala as a walleye lure it turned out to be a genuine all-rounder. I've caught lots of perch and pike with them, as well as zander, chub and 3 large bream. Most of these fish have come to trolling methods but when cast it has sometimes had perch fighting for it. A deeper-diving version is out this year (2004) and that will be very welcome for my rivers. Unusually for a balsa lure it does have a rattle, does it help? Who knows! This did become my default troller for perch in 2003, and I expect that to continue, at this size it sorts out good quality fish plus all the bonus species and it runs a little deeper than my other favourites.