Lure Information

Plug performance guide: Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk

Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk
Body length 12cm and 9.5cm
Weight 3/8oz and 1/4oz
Rattle? Yes
Material Balsa
Working depth Cast 10ft trolled 15ft
I first used the 12cm version, and found that for trolling it did not give enough feedback about weed and stuff to be really useful, but it did catch perch and pike. They were never intended for trolling however, and when cast it is very useful, crank it down and wait, it will sink slowly on the weight of the leader, but a 5 second pause is not enough to let it sink far, pike do like that pause and it's an education for those who like to keep their lures moving just how effective a stationary lure is at getting the take. Pity it's not bigger, I think one an inch or so longer would be a better catcher of big pike. The smaller one is a much better trolling lure giving plenty of feedback and catching well, most notably a 9lb+ zander in June 2003 on a burning hot day.