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Plug performance guide: Manns Loudmouth 1

Manns Loudmouth 1
Body length 7.5cm
Weight 7/8oz
Rattle? Yes, very loud.
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth Cast 6ft+ troll 18ft+
This very loud, deep-diving, violent-actioned crankbait has been a bit of a turn-up. Although from the side it looks like a standard 'alphabet'-shaped plug it is in fact quite narrow, so it's an easy bite for quite small fish. It dives as deeply as I need when trolled, even on 50lb test braid. It is really useful for search trolling, that big lip keeps it out of a lot of trouble and it'll find pike on the hardest days, and occasional good zander when water temperatures are right. I've only just begun to realise how effective it is for casting as well, easy to crank down, twitch and stall, keeping it in the pike's face despite its buoyancy. It isn't perfect though - we've broken a few lips off when trolling fast and crashing them into the river bed, and that treatment is also probably responsible for some of them leaking after a few trips, I thought it wouldn't matter if they took on some water but in fact it spoils the trim and they will not run so deeply at speed, so I dry them out and seal them with epoxy.