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Plug performance guide: Musky Mania Little Ernie

Musky Mania Little Ernie
Body length 5.25"
Weight 1.25oz
Rattle? Yes
Material Hollow plastic
Working depth To 10ft
A strongly-made, easy-to-use crankbait with a loud rattle. Cranked, twitched or worked with soft pulls with plenty of pauses, feed a little slack line on the pause to reverse the plug, but watch out for takes. Very controllable and easy to manouevre in snaggy swims using braided line. I have worked it very slowly among weed and caught pike on the surface. Available in a nice range of colours. For pike mainly, but I have caught a perch with one, and takes zander when trolled. Described by the manufacturer as a multi-species plug. Versatile enough to be used in a variety of waters and conditions.

Works easily down to 6ft casting, a little deeper if worked harder with a stiffer rod, and will hold a good depth right back to under the boat. Trolled it will reach 15ft+.