Lure Information

Plug performance guide: Salmo Hornet H4SDR

Salmo Hornet H4SDR
Body length 4cm
Weight 3g
Rattle? No
Material Solid plastic
Working depth To 5ft cast, 11ft trolled
The best crankbait ever, maybe! There is no other lure of this size which will dive as deeply, it is an absolute must for perch, but I've caught all the usual species wih it. The long diving lip keeps it out of trouble as well, deflecting it pretty effectively from snags and weed. For trolling it is amazing, catching all sizes of fish, from the smallest perch and zander (if you want small perch or jack livebaits this will catch them better than anything else) up to occasional double figure pike. It is a great lure for casting for perch, on a pull-and-pause retrieve you can feel the high-frequency buzz switch on and off with each movement. That buzz is so important when trolling to tell you that all is well and it is not fouled by loose weed or stuff.