Lure Information

There's More to Lure Fishing than Lures

Before you read about the lures remember these words of wisdom from one who has learned the painful way.

Lure Performance Guide List

These are my own observations on using the lures. The body length I've measured without the diving lip, the weights are those quoted by manufacturers/retailers or my own approximations and vary both in accuracy and metric/imperial units. Diving depths are my own estimations, but line diameter must be borne in mind, for bigger lures I usually cast with 100lb Power Pro and troll with 50lb PowerPro or TUF XP, for smaller lures I use 10lb test Power Pro or 20lb test Power Pro or TUF XP 15lb. If your line is thicker then they won't dive so deeply.
  1. Bagley Monster Shad
  2. Bagley Topgun
  3. Bomber B24 Long A
  4. Bomber 17A
  5. Bucher jointed Depth Raider
  6. Cordell Wally Diver CD7
  7. Heddon Meadow Mouse
  8. Hooker Seducer
  9. Lureland Spitfire
  10. Manns Loudmouth 1
  11. Manns One Minus
  12. Muskie Innovations Bull Dawg
  13. Muskie Mania Little Ernie
  14. Muskie Mania Ernie
  15. Nils Master Invincible
  16. Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk
  17. Rapala Deep Tail Dancer
  18. Rapala DT16
  19. Rapala SuperShad Rap
  20. Rapala Tail Dancer
  21. Rebel Windcheater
  22. River Run Manta 8"
  23. Salmo Fatso Floating
  24. Salmo Hornet H4SDR
  25. Salmo Warrior Crank
  26. Smity Scuttle Bug
  27. Storm ThunderCrank