Links - for Anglers who fish for Predatory Fish

In 4 sections:   U.K.    European    North American     Rest of the World
Within each section the links are listed alphabetically (more or less!) and will automatically open in a new window. Some links could justifiably be fitted into more than one section but I've resisted that and just used my best guess! I occasionally remove links that I feel are no longer relevant to online lure and predator anglers.

United Kingdom

A2 A4 - stainless steel fittings for boats etc
AGM Products - lures and tackle, lots of soft plastics
Askari - lures and tackle
Ambassadeurs 01 - all about LHW ABU Ambassadeurs
Anglers' Rendezvous - secondhand and new game and sea tackle
Angling Classics - online shop, mostly game and fly tackle
Angling Direct - Tackle and lures
Baits Direct - bait and tackle
B.A.S.S. - Bass Anglers' Sportfishing Society (Sea bass, that is...)
Bass Lures UK - Slug-Go and Lucky Craft lures
Boats and Outboards - secondhand boats and outboards
Boats4fun - small boats, outboards and chandlery
Boat Jumble Association - fixture list
Coch-Y-Bonddu - angling and sporting books
Cormorant Busters - a man with a mission.
Countryside Alliance - Fighting to preserve our sporting heritage!
Daiwa UK - Tackle
David Miller Art - fish and wildlife artist
Dave Lumb Specialist Tackle - Pike fishing rods, lures and tackle
Delkim - bite alarms
Dexter - Wedges plus other lures and tackle
The Environment Agency - the UK government dept. that is responsible for angling matters
E.T.Tackle - specialist predator gear
Fishing Matters - Esox Lucius rods and fly tackle
Fishing-Tackle UK - fishing news and reviews
Fishtek - fisheries consultancy
Fox International - tackle
Franglais Fishing - lures
Friendly Fisherman - lures and tackle
Future Fishing - Newark tackle shop
Gerrys Fishing - lots of lures and gear
Glasplies - suppliers of fibreglass and all related stuff
Go Fly Fishing -all species catered for
H&R Marine - Electric boats, motors and outboards
Hastings Angling Centre - Tackle shop with specialist bass fishing section
Highland Tackle - sea gear
Harris Sportsmail - mail order lures and tackle
Jerkbaitmania - Lures and tackle
John Norris of Penrith - game tackle and clothing
Justfish - anglers' gifts and flies
Lakes Lures - lures, tackle, boats and outboards
Leadertec - tools and materials for leaders
Lure Factors - soft plastic lure making materials
The Lure Shed - lures and tackle
Lure World - Lures and tackle
Mainwarings Angling Centre - Swansea tackle shop
Mango Fishing - Lures, spinnerbaits, spinners and flies
Marinestore - online chandlery
Marine Warehouse - lifejackets for all applications
Masterline Walker - tackle distributors
Monster Fishing - sea tackle
Monster Tackle.Co.Uk - VAT-free lures, mainly for bass
Navigate By Us - trolling autopilots
Nigel Lawton - casting materials including Alumisol soft plastic
Noble Marine - boat insurance, essential for registration on inland waterways
Operation Sea Angler - Mike Ladle's online fishing book
Ocean Tackle Store - sea fishing tackle
Optilabs - Glasses and sunglasses for anglers
Orkney Boats Ltd - fibreglass fishing boats
Partridge - hooks
Pike and Predator Magazine - News and articles for predator anglers
Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain - campaigning for pike conservation for you
Pike Fly Fishing UK - get a serious bend in your rod!
Pikemaster Traces - wire leaders for lure and bait, from Retford Angling Centre
The Pike Shop - lures and tackle
Predator Baits - Frozen deadbaits
Redgills - sea lures
Reel Value - reel repairs and servicing
Rok-Max(UK) - lures and tackle, big game holiday specialists
Royd Lures - hooks and terminal tackle
SM Designs - air brush paint supplies
Safety Marine - boat equipment
Salmon & Trout Association - for those fish with spots
SBS Trailers - Specialist boat trailer manufacturer
Sea Fishing Supplies - sea fishing tackle
Seastrike - fishing boats
Scottish Worms - Dendrobaena worms

Second ChanceAn opportunity for you to
put something back into
angling and the future

Sharnbrook Tackle - wholesale and retail lures and tackle
Shimano Felindre - after sales and spares for Shimano
Snapbaits - freshwater lures and tackle
Sovereign Superbaits - mail order; Manns lures and more
Spintec - flying 'C's and components
Sportfish - mainly game angling
Spotty Dog Discount Tackle - mostly sea tackle
Summerlands - mail order tackle
Sundridge - clothing
Tackle Bargains - Mitchells of Pitlochry clearance tackle
The Tackle Shop - Neville Fickling's Gainsborough shop
Ted Carter - Preston tackle shop
Towsure - everything for trailers and towing
TrailerTek - trailers and parts
Troutfishing - online tackle and lures
UK Hooks - hooks and sea tackle
Veals Mail Order - Sea fishing
Vintage Fishing Tackle - all sorts of old stuff - weather forecast resource for the UK and worldwide
Will's Fishing Pages - Will Copeland in Northern Ireland


Abu Garcia- Reels, rods, lures...(Sweden, in Swedish)
Alre Peche - French tackle shop, big on sea bass lures
Amfibi - fishing tackle and outdoor shop in LillestrÝm (in Norwegian)
Angelmarkt Stephan - German online tackle shop
Anglers World - (Eire) specialist tackle
Askari Angelsport - German tackle shop
Attitude Baits - Swedish lures
Balzer - German tackle
Behr Fishing - German tackle wholesaler
Boddenangler - German Tackle Store
Bram Fotografie - angling photography
Camo Tackle - soft plastics specialist in Germany
Carnavenir - promoting predator fishing in France
C.J.W. - Dutch rod builder
CWCAB - Swedish tackle shop (in Swedish)
D.A.M. - Tackle
Danny Geysen Homepage - Belgian and Dutch fishing (English version)
De Roofvis - Top quality Dutch magazine about predatory fish (in Dutch)
eFishsell - online tackle marketplace
Finnish Lure Store- all brands of Finnish lures
Fishing Mart - Polish tackle shop
Fladen Fishing - Swedish tackle and lures
German Baits - PikeBomb Jerkbaits
German Tackle - predator fishing shop
Goedkopervissen - Dutch online tackle shop
Guusbaits - jerkbaits from Guus Cornelissen - Dutch tackle shop directory (I think that's what it is)
Hotspot Fishing - Dutch Tackle shop
HRT Lures - hardbaits and spinners from Poland
Ilba - Italian spinners and spoons. - Lures and lure tackle for pike (German) - Lure fishing in Poland
John's Lures and Stuff - Dutch online tackle shop
John's Roofvissite - Dutch predator fishing (in Dutch)
Kogutmania - Polish tackle shop
Kunstaasdatabank - guide to lures and their performance
Kuperus Hengelsport - Dutch tackle shop
Kurres Fiskeshop - Swedish tackle shop
Kuusamo (Finland) - in English (sort of!).
La Peche Du Carnassier - high quality French predator fishing magazine>
Lundgrens - Swedish tackle shop (in English - partly)
Lunker City Europe - Online ordering Lunker City lures (in English)
Lurebuilding 101 - Dutch lure making (in English)
Lurenatic - German online lure and lure tackle shop - Lure components from Holland (in English and Dutch)
Metersnoeken - Dutch website about big pike (in Dutch)
Obblers - Finnish lure fishing
Olssons Fiske - Swedish tackle shop
Online Kunstaas - Dutch online lure store
Orka - soft plastics
Pear Kunstaas - Dutch lure shop
Pechextreme - big game fishing
Perchfishing - catch perch (in Dutch)
Pikemaster Lures- distributor of Strike Pro and Sismic lures
Pikeshop - German online shop selling American lures
Pikeworld - German tackle shop and news
Poask Hengelsport - Dutch tackle shop (in Dutch)
Polish Anglers .com - for Polish anglers in the UK
Raubfisch - German tackle shop
Raven - Dutch tackle shop
Rentenaar Hengelsport - Dutch tackle shop
Roofvis TV - predator fishing videos
Roofvishaken - predator hooks - Dutch predator shop
Salmo Lures - European plugs for European fish. (In English)
Save Our Western Lakes - Help stop the gill-netting in the western loughs of Ireland
Sebile - lures (France)
SIEK-M - crankbaits from Poland
Snoekshop - Dutch online lure and tackle shop
SNB - Snoekstudiegroep Nederland-BelgiŽ, the Dutch and Belgian equivalent of the PAC (in Dutch)
Spinnfischen - lure fishing , now with English transation
Spinnerundco - German lures and tackle online shop
Sport System - Myran spinners and boxes
Sportfish Moments - angling photography
Spro - tackle
Steen Ulnits - Danish fishing (some articles in English)
Sybe Baits - hand made jerkbaits
Trumman - Swedish tackle shop (in Swedish) - Dutch tackle shop with online ordering
Viszolder - Dutch online tackle shop
Vlemmix - Dutch tackle shop - lure info site from the Ukraine
Voici Foissy - fish cartoons
Way Of Fishing - French tackle distributor
Wobbleri - Finnish tackle shop
Wolfcreek Lures - Swedish lures
Wout van Leeuwen - Dutch tackle shop
Zalt - lures (in Swedish)

North American

Abu Garcia- Reels, rods, lures... (USA)
Action Plastics - soft plastic baits
Al's Goldfish Lures - mostly spoons
American Hardwood Lures - Muskie-sized lures
American Legacy - tackle with worldwide shipping
American Sportfishing Association - Trade association
Anglers Outpost - North American tackle outfitters
Aqua-Vu - underwater cameras
B&B Baitboxes - crankbait storage
Bagley Bait - lures
Baitnet - directory of U.S. tackle shops.
Bait Rigs - jigs for all species
Bandit Lures - crankbaits
Barlows Tackle-Express - North American tackle outfitters
Bass Assassin - Rubber things.
BassMedics - fish care products
Bass Pro - Texas bass tackle and components
Bazz Clazz - intructional videos for bass
Berkley - Tackle - lures, rods, line etc
Bettencourt Baits - hand-carved lures
Big Chimney Baits - balsawood muskie lures
Bigfish Tackle - Bass Pro by another name
Big Fork Lures - Muskie and pike lures
Big Hammer Lures - shads and jigs
Bikini Baits - lures
Blakemore Lures - home of the Road Runner
Blitzen Shads - jerkbaits
Bloggs Tacklemakers - wire bending tools
Blue Fox - lures
Bobber Shop - Minnesota online tackle shop
Bobbie Bait - muskie and pike lures
Bucher - fishing
Buck Perry's Spoonplugs- spoonplugs!
Cabela's - North American tackle outfitters
Cache Custom Lures - hand-poured soft plastics
Capra's Sporting Goods - Minnesota outfitters
Castaic - soft baits
Catch'em Lures - jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics.
Cat's Tails - bucktails
Charkbait - offshore angling
Cisco Kid - Tough crankbaits.
C.M.Wiggle Bait Co - handmade lures and decoys
Cook's Tackle Systems - spinnerbait storage
Cortland - line
Crash's Landing - Kentucky muskie guide and outfitter
CreekSpeak - everything Creek Chub
Creme - Worms! Very realistic.
Culprit - soft plastics.
Custom Jigs and Spins - jigs and related stuff
Del-Mart - rubber and moulds for DIY lures
Dick Nite - spoons and lure coat
Doug Stamm Photography - Fishing photographs
Down East - rod holders
Downriver Tackle - walleye tackle
Drifter Tackle - home of the Believer and Muskie Stalker crankbaits
Dunwright Tackle - lures and lure boxes
Eagle Claw - hooks
Eagle Sports Center - North American tackle outfitters - mostly muskie
EGB Lures - spinners
Eppinger - Spoons
Esox Research Co. - lures designed for muskie and pike
Fenwick - Rods
Filson - clothing, rather nice hats
Fish307 - online tackle shop
Fish Dreams - Telephone numbers for US tackle manufacturers
Fish On Line Canada - Toronto Tackle Store and info
Fishall Lures - for muskie, pike and salmon
Fishing Tackle Clearance Center - Louisiana discount mail order
Fittante - taxidermy and replicas
Flambeau - Tackle storage
Flex Coat - rod and lure finishes
Frabill - landing nets, bait care and stuff
Fudally - Home of the Reef Hawg
Garmin - GPS and fishfinders
Golden Baits - wire lures and jigs
Grand Slam Bucktails - bucktail flies
Grim Reaper - Spinnerbaits and Bucktails
Grunt Muskie Lures - big lures
Guide's Choice Pro Shop - Muskie lures and tackle
H2O Tackle - muskie lures
Hagens - Tackle and lure making components
Hawg Seekers - lures for muskie and big pike
Herbies Magic Dust - powder paint for jigs etc
Heuristic Research - Fishbyte Lunar software
Hi-fin - Lures for pike and musky
High Roller Lures - topwaters and spoons
Hooker Lures - The big trolling Hookers are very impressive
HookMupWW - lures
Hogy Lures - soft plastics for big fish
How To Make Fishing Lures - a book
Hughes Custom Baits - select your paint job!
Humminbird - Depth sounders (a.k.a. fish finders).
Industrial Polymers - lure making and coating material
In-Fisherman - American fishing magazine.
Jackfish Lures - non-toxic lures and weights
Jackson Lures - Muskie and pike lures and tackle
Janns Netcraft - components and tackle
JR's Tackle - Minneapolis online tackle store
Just Big Muskies - muskie fishing DVDs
Kaboom - crankbaits, old style (pre-Rapala take-over) Storm lures
Kipawa Propellors - aftermarket performance props for electric motors
Lakeland Inc. - components manufacture and supplies
Lakewood Products - big lure boxes
Len Thompson Lures - spoons.
Leo Lures - well-made wooden muskie lures
Lindy Little Joe - Spinnerbaits, bucktails, crankbaits
Living Rubber Company - skirt making materials
Lobina Lures - bass lures and tackle
G. Loomis - rods
Lowrance - sonar and GPS
Lucky Craft - lures.
Lucky Strike - Plugs and Spoons
Luhr-Jensen - Mostly crankbaits and some history
Lunker City - Soft Plastics and Jigs
Lure-Craft - Lure making components
Lure Lore - online magazine for lure collectors - Lure making components
Lurenet - The Pradco range: Argobast, Heddon, Bomber, Excalibur, Cotton Cordell, Smithwick, Creek Chub, Lazy Ike, Rebel, Silver Thread line.
Macatawa Bait Co. - no description would be adequate, have a look
Malin - wire for predator anglers
Mangler - I suppose they're just buzzbaits!
Manns - Hard and soft baits
Mattlures - swimbaits
MegaStrike - fish attractant and lures
Mepps - spinners and spoons
Mike's Reel Repair - lots of schematic drawings of Abu, Penn and other reels.
Minn Kota - electric motors
MirrOlure - well-made hardbaits
Mojo Lures - specialised fishing weights and systems
Moore's Lures - lures and hard-to-find components, ask for a catalogue.
Motor Guide - Electric trolling motors
M.S.Slammer - a big bass lure
Mudhole Custom Tackle - rod building supplies
Mudpuppy Lures - with breakaway hook system
Murray Products - big game tackle
Muskie Catcher - lures
Muskie First - Muskies first!
Muskie Magnet - jerkbaits
Muskie Striker - muskies and photography
Muskie Thrills - Wiley lures
Muskies Inc - Muskie fishing and conservation
Muskies Canada - Sport fishing and research
Musky America - online muskie magazine
Musky Hunter Magazine - Big lure stuff.
Musky Innovations - Bull Dawgs etc
Musky Tackle Online - lures and tackle at discount prices
Musky Mania - Burts, Jakes et al.
Musky Tooth Tackle - lure boxes
Mustad - Hooks
Navico - Sonar and GPS accessories
Nelson's Bigg Fish Inc. - big lures
Norman - Crankbaits
Northland - Lures and tackle
Optimum Baits - swim baits
Owner - hooks
P&S Tackle - online outfitters
Paddle Fishing - fishing from canoes and kayaks
Panther-Martin - Spinners
Pflueger - rods and reels
Pike On The Fly - lots of pike info from Saskatchewan
Plano - Tackle storage systems (or boxes if you prefer!)
Porta-Bote - a folding boat, no trailer, no slipway!
Power Pro - Braided line
Pro-Cure - bait scents
Pro Tackle - Canadian Musky shop
Pro-Troll - trolling for salmon
Quantum - Rods and reels
Rapala - You must have caught a fish on a Rapala lure
Rat-L-Trap - Bill Lewis lures
Ray Conklin - beautiful wood carvings and custom lures
Red October Baits - giant tubes
Reeds Sporting Goods - Muskie Fever lures and tackle
Reef Runner - home of the Ripstick
ReelBait - specialist walleye tackle
ReelGrip - a soft grip for your reel
Renosky - lures
R.E.P. Lures - handcrafted muskie lures
River Marine Supply - Miami boating and fishing outfitter
River Run Tackle Company - The Manta glidebait and other plastic plugs
Roberts Outdoors - Bucher lures
Roboworm - soft plastics
Rollie and Helen's Musky Shop - Lures and tackle for pike and muskie.
Rosco - swivels and clips
Salmo USA - online shop and info
Secret Weapon Lures - spinnerbaits
Silver Buddy - blade baits for all species
Skimmer Tackle - bucktails, spinnerbaits and surface lures
Skirtmaster - skirts for lures
Slammer - crankbaits and spoons
Smokey's Muskie Shop - Lures and tackle
Snagaway - a lure retriever
Snagproof - lures - large range of branded soft plastics
Solar Bat - fishing sunglasses
South Bend - Rods and reels
Southern Charm - boat and fishing catalogues
Spence Petros - angler and educator
Spro - Lures and tackle
Stamina - components
Stanley Jigs - soft plastics, jigs etc
St. Croix - American rods
Stealth Tackle - lures and leaders
Storm Lures - crankbaits and soft plastics
Stowmaster - landing nets
Strike on - Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!?
Suick - Thrillers
Super Slayer - unusual spinners with big trailers
Swimbait Nation - fishing with swimbaits for bass
Tackle Direct - North American tackle outfitters
Tackle Industries - lures and tackle
Tackle Logic - tackle boxes and storage
Tackle Underground - lure making resource
Tackle Warehouse - bass tackle and lures
Terminator - Muskie Lures, home of the straight-talking Rocketman
Terry Doughty - wildlife artist.
Thorne Bros - Muskie and ice fishing store
Traxtech - trolling accessories
Trolling Motor - specialist electric outboard supplier - lures for muskie and big stripers
Tufcore - teeth-resistant soft pastics
Tuff Shad - hand made cedar baits
Tyee Tackle - trolling stuff for saltwater and Great Lakes' salmon
Ugly Duckling - lures
Umlauf Studio - Rod Umlauf's fishing and wildlife prints
Vados - live bait
Venom Lures - soft plastics, jigs, components (Canada)
Vexilar - freshwater sonar
VMC hooks - All about VMC hooks and a few links
Wacky Worm - bass lures and tackle
Walleye Central - walleye fishing.
Walleye Hunter - walleye fishing.
Walleyes Inc - walleye fishing.
Weaver Lures - lure manufacturer
Western Filament - Tuf line
Williams - spoons
Witchcraft - Tape products.
Wolverine - Split rings.
The Worth Company - Lure making components
Yakima Bait Co. - Worden spinners and Poe crankbaits, amongst other things.
Yo-zuri Lures - nice website
Zap Lures - jigs, spinnerbaits, soft plastics
Zebco - Rods and reels

Rest of the World

Ausfish - Australian fishing and marine forums
Bass Fishing South Africa - a club
Campbell's Pro Tackle - Australian tackle shop
Doctor Hook - lures from South Africa
Etackle - online lures and tackle from Australia
Fishbase - amazing search facility for thousands of fish species
Gamakatsu - hooks
Halco Tackle - Australian lures
Hawaii Lure - big game lures
Jackall Lures - Japanese hardbaits for bass
Kenya Deep Sea Fishing -fishing in the Indian Ocean
Killalures - Australian lures
Kokoda Fishing - lures and tackle
Lazer Lures - metal lures for jigging and trolling
Lures Online - Australian lure making and lures
Lure World - Australian online shop
Mango Fishing - lures from Thailand
McGrath - Australian lures
Murray Cod Fishing - Lures
Oar-Gee - Australian Lures
Predatek - Australian lures, all online lure shops should be this good!
Primal Fishing - The PrawnStar
Pro Tackle - Australian online tackle shop
Pulsator Lures - big game trolling lures
Reidy's Lures -
Samurai Tackle - lures and tackle from Japan
StrikeBack Tackle - lure retrievers and tackle
Wigston - Tasmanian Devil lures